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Do you suspect the building materials in your Adelaide home or business contain asbestos? If so, you need to know for sure.

If your Adelaide property was built before 1990, it is highly likely to contain asbestos. Before the natural silicate and potentially hazardous material was banned, it was used for decades in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings for thermal insulation, fireproofing, electrical insulation and much more.

It is difficult to confirm with the naked eye whether a material contains asbestos. Therefore, we recommend a comprehensive inspection by qualified technicians. At Pro Asbestos Removals Adelaide, we provide a high-quality asbestos testing service that is 100% reliable. Our certified and licensed inspectors know what to look for and will conduct a top to bottom search of your property. All our processes are carried out in accordance with national and local guidelines.

We are approved asbestos testers and send samples to our partner laboratory, which is fully accredited with NATA (the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia).

The most commonly found asbestos in Adelaide buildings is chrysotile (white asbestos). This is the most abundant form of asbestos, and it is found in ceilings, roofs, walls, flooring and pipes. Other types of asbestos include amosite (brown asbestos) and crocidolite (blue asbestos).

Who Should Get An Asbestos Testing Service?

 Asbestos Testing at NATA labs

  • If you have found asbestos-like material in your property or are suspicious, it may exist.
  • If you’re preparing to make significant renovations to your home.
  • If you’re demolishing any structures on your property.
  • If your home or work premises was constructed before 1990.

If you feel confident enough to collect your own asbestos sample for testing by our partner lab, we can supply you will all the advice and guidance you need. This will include what protective gear you should wear and how much material to sample. You can then send it to us for lab analysis, or we can come and collect it.

However, if you’re going to embark on DIY asbestos testing, we do not recommend using home asbestos testing kits. You could be putting yourself at serious risk. The supplied masks don’t always offer the best protection, and there are no guarantees of the quality of service you’ll receive from the testing laboratory.

Asbestos Could Be Anywhere

If materials are discovered to contain asbestos, we can provide you with a free quote for removal and disposal and advise you on what to do next. For instance, the area should be immediately contained, especially if some of the asbestos-containing materials are damaged or breaking apart.

Our Asbestos Testing Services include:

  • Gathering of samples from any type of property
  • Asbestos testing at a NATA certified lab
  • Air quality testing
  • Asbestos inspections of residential, commercial and industrial properties
  • Detailed report of our findings and recommendations

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  • More than 10 years of industry experience
  • Licensed and qualified asbestos testers and removalists
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Results that are 100% reliable
  • Friendly and professional team
  • Affordable prices

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  • CBD & Inner City Adelaide
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