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Authorised Asbestos Disposal

At Pro Asbestos Removals Adelaide, we have a wealth of experience and an unrivalled reputation for the meticulous and safe disposal of asbestos-containing materials. With such a potentially hazardous substance, you need to know that you are in safe hands.

Although asbestos products have been prohibited in Australia since 2003, many structures containing this naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral still exist in many residential and commercial buildings in the greater Adelaide region.

Asbestos is only dangerous if disturbed or damaged, and its fibres are released into the air. Therefore, it is essential it is removed and disposed of in the right way. We have the necessary training and knowledge to carry out this specialist work according to applicable asbestos disposal regulations.

According to the law, less than ten square metres of bonded (non-friable) asbestos can be removed without a license. However, regardless of the amount of asbestos in your home or business premises, Adelaide City Council recommends hiring licensed removal specialists.

The law also states that you can´t dump your asbestos waste on private or public land, your local recycling centre or in home or work rubbish collection bins.

Licensed Professionals

Our priority is to provide a safe and efficient service from the initial survey to the removal and disposal of any asbestos-containing materials.

Our professional asbestos disposal team members carry:

  • Class A license (for the removal of friable asbestos materials)
  • Class B license (for the removal of any amount of non-friable asbestos)
  • A license to conduct air monitoring tests at locations where asbestos is being removed.

All asbestos-related work is conducted in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) and Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA).

How We Work

Adelaide authority-regulated site

Pro Asbestos Removals Adelaide provides a prompt and professional asbestos survey, removal and disposal service. We work for clients in multiple industries and sectors, including education, construction, retail, healthcare, public sector and manufacturing.

1) We´ll conduct an initial survey of your domestic, commercial or industrial premises to identify the different types of asbestos that may be present.

2) We safely remove all asbestos materials from your property and ensure that zero contamination is left on site.

3) We use our licensed transportation vehicles to carry the asbestos to waste centres approved by Adelaide City Council. We follow all health and safety guidelines. Under the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009, the transportation and disposal of waste asbestos of industrial or domestic origin is controlled by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

4) We fully dispose of the asbestos waste at the local authority-regulated site.

At Pro Asbestos Removals Adelaide, we have the cutting-edge technology and equipment to complete the task.

Why Choose Us?

  • 10 years’ experience
  • We fit in with your schedule
  • Qualified friable and non-friable asbestos removalists
  • Fully Insured ($20 000,000 Public Liability Insurance)
  • Affordable and competitive prices

Our Services

  • Asbestos removal
  • Safe transport of asbestos materials
  • Asbestos collections and disposal at approved waste centres
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial asbestos removal
  • Site demolitions

Our Locations

  • Adelaide City & Inner City
  • North Adelaide
  • South Adelaide
  • Adelaide West Suburbs
  • Eastern Suburbs

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